Are Cowboy Boot Sandals the Craziest Fashion Craze This Summer?

The ultimate item of the cowboy outfit are of course the cowboy boots. Sure, there is always the hat, too, but they kind of go together as a pair. Since there is nothing more american than being a cowboy, no one should have to sacrifice their cowboy fashion in order to stay cool on a hot summer day. At least that is what Scotty Franklin was thinking when he came up with the ingenious idea of Cowboy Boot Sandals.

This unusual fashion will allow you to wear flip flops while still looking as cool as the Marlboro man. The boots look exactly like you’d expect when a drunk cowboy took scissors to his own boot in order to make them more suited for the summer heat. So if you’re looking to make an entrance at whatever fancy music festivals you plan om attending this summer, these babies are a must have!

cowboy boot sandals 001

cowboy boot sandals 0004

cowboy boot sandals 002

cowboy boot sandals 003

cowboy boot sandals 010

cowboy boot sandals 004


cowboy boot sandals 006

cowboy boot sandals 007

cowboy boot sandals 008

cowboy boot sandals 009

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