Even Adults Can’t Figure Out This Children’s Puzzle, Can You?!

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Math questions aren’t always as simple as they may appear at first glance.

Here’s one for you. Give your brain a proper workout and see if you can figure out this seemingly simple children’s puzzle:

What does the last equation equal?

childrens puzzle

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So did you get 102? Or perhaps, 105?

The answer is in fact 81. The chances are you didn’t get it because of two subtle details. First, the number of yellow flowers: in the third equation there are 2, and in the last one there’s just 1.
But the second nuance is more complicated: the number of petals which the purple flowers have.

Didn’t notice them? Well, you could be forgiven for that! In the second equation, these flowers equal 5 — they have 5 petals each, all of which equal 1. In the last equation, the purple flower only has 4 petals (4×1). So, 20×4 + 1 = 81. If you got that — congratulations! You can now bask in your own glory, knowing that you’ve got an excellent attention to detail.[/showhide]