Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos (28 pics)

Australian comedienne Celeste Barber rose to internet fame when she started posting parodies of celebrity Instagram photos. And because celebrities keep uploading photos wearing questionable outfits, strange poses and even weirder props, Barber’s ongoing series #CelesteChallengeAccepted doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. Scroll down below for over 25 of Celeste’s best parody poses…

Barber has amassed over 1.4M followers on her booming Instagram account. “People are really supporting it – I didn’t really care for how it would be perceived, I just started it for my friends who I knew would love it. I continued it because people are telling me it is their daily laugh and they have started to challenge me,” Celeste told the Daily Mail. Her down-to-earth imitations remind people that it’s ok if you don’t have a sizzling six-pack, can’t fit through the arms of a chair, or have to buy economy class plane tickets. Have a look below!

#1. Woo hoo, only 20 days to untangle your f*cking Christmas lights. In your undies.


#2. Rich privileged Vs Tired over worked parents


#3. Bums. Balls. Boobs. Art. TAG a mate who can’t play pool.


#4. Sometimes you’ve gotta put on your daughter’s swimmers and show the world what you’re packing.


#5. Argh! I wish the paparazzi would bugger off when im looking BANGING in a bikini and jeans that accent my rocking abs.


#6. Cutting edge.


#7. When you live your life by the 5-second rule.


#8. Don’t stop believing.


#9. What you feel like when you touch down in NYC versus what you know you have.


#10. If this isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is.


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