15 Photos Of Celebrities Before They Were Famous, Can You Guess Who They Are?

For some reason, we expect our children to be able to answer the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Some responses may include: A princess, space astronaut, dinosaur or a major Hollywood star. As a parent, these career choices may sound like a stretch. But, hey, you asked the question lightly and didn’t expect a serious answer anyway, right?

But while aspiring to become a star may seem like a far-fetched goal, it’s interesting to see how these celebrities weren’t just born rich and famous. Before they were idolized by millions, they were ordinary people, doing ordinary stuff — like playing sports and going to school.

Here are some of the biggest celebrities before they were famous. Can you recognize them all?

#1. He’s been in the rap game since the 90s and is still dropping hot tracks. It’s Snoop Dogg during his high school years.

college celebritiy-photos 02

#2. Considered as one of the most influential musicians of all time. It’s Reggae legend, Bob Marley.

college celebritiy-photos 03

#3. She started in the group Destiny Child and has been dominating the music industry ever since going solo. It’s Beyoncé Knowles.

college celebritiy-photos 05

#4. Before he got famous, this guy was quite an athlete. He studied at the Philadelphia’s Central High School where he played football, basketball, baseball and ran track. It’s Bill Cosby.

college celebritiy-photos 06

#5. His real name is Mark Sinclair but most people will probably know him as Dominic Toretto from the Fast and Furious movies. Yup, it’s Vin Diesel.

college celebritiy-photos 08

#6. Even at a young age he seems born for the camera. This is Ben Stiller with is father Jerry Stiller.

college celebritiy-photos 09

#7. Do you see the guy in the front row that’s sitting in the middle. I bet you never guessed that he’d grow up to marry Angelina Jolie! It’s Brad Pitt and we’re loving the haircut!

college celebritiy-photos 10

#8. A brilliant comedian that we lost too soon. It’s Robin Williams.

college celebritiy-photos 11

#9. He made history when he became America’s first Afro-American president. It’s Barack Obama.

old-celebritiy-pictures 12

#10. His wife is currently in the running to become the 45th president of the United States. This is, of course, Bill Clinton.

old-celebritiy-pictures 13

#11. This funky looking dude is an Academy Award winner, known for his deep voice. It’s Morgan Freeman.

old-celebritiy-pictures 15

#12. He’s now 69 years old, and you probably know him from movies like Men in Black and the Fugitive. But did you know that Tommy Lee Jones used to play Football?

old-celebritiy-pictures 16

#13. This Canadian American actor is known for highly energetic slapstick comedy. It’s Jim Carrey.

old-celebritiy-pictures 18

#14. After 27 years in Hollywood, six nominations and one graphic bear attack, this actor has FINALLY won an Oscar for his performance in The Revenant. It’s Leonardo DiCaprio.

old-celebritiy-pictures 20

#15. He was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers but the world knows him as Eminem. Now 43 years old, he is arguably still one of the best rappers in the game.

old-celebritiy-pictures 21