Mysterious Cat Spotted Spying On Office Workers Through A Hole In The Ceiling

Some office workers in Japan were minding their own office business when suddenly one of them spotted quite an unusual sight – a cat peering through a hole in the ceiling. As it should be, the guy grabbed his phone right away, snapped a couple of photos and sent them to his co-worker who goes by the name of omocha_no_uma on Twitter. “Is this a new security camera?” he joked, before adding “I don’t think it can record video, but it probably has some sort of facial recognition function.”

Understandably, the photos went viral and people started to question their own security. What does it all mean? Is the feline a part of a new monitoring system at the office? What information was the cat trying to gather? We can only guess, but you might want to check your ceiling.

“Is this a new security camera?” the guy who saw the cat peering through a hole in his office joked

No one knows how the curious feline got in there or why


But the incident did sparkle a Photoshop battle!


While it might seem all cute and innocent, the question what information this cat was trying to gather remains unanswered

cat-spies-office-ceiling-omocha-no-uma-11Steve Martinho

It’s even more alarming having in mind that it’s not the first time cats have spied on us

This feline from Russia went viral after he popped its head through the ceiling of its owner’s home in Russia

And how could we forget these suspiciously looking cats


Seriously, what are they plotting?


You might want to check your ceiling…