Mythical Beasts – A photographer Captures The Stunning Beauty Of Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is the largest, and probably, most impressive domesticated cat breed in the world. If you ever dreamt of sharing your home with a jungle cat, they’re basically as close as it’s going to get without having to worry about your face getting claw-slapped to next Thursday.

Hong Kong based photographer, Robert Sijka, decided to pay tribute to this extraordinary cat with a series of stunning portraits that capture the personalities of these imposing cats. Sijka always saw Maine Coons as majestic, almost mythical beasts, and through this series he wanted to share that image with the rest of the world.

majestic cat

maine-coon 001

maine-coon 002

maine-coon 003

maine-coon 004

maine-coon 005

maine-coon 006

maine-coon 007

maine-coon 008

maine-coon 009

maine-coon 010

maine-coon 011

maine-coon 012

maine-coon 013

maine-coon 014

maine-coon 015

maine-coon 016

maine-coon 017

maine-coon 018

maine-coon 019

maine-coon 020