Here’s How To Make This Cozy Giant Blanket In Just 4 Hours

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Knitting is definitely not just your grandmother’s hobby anymore. Now that winter is coming, this simple craft can be used to create creative, fun and, most importantly, warm items to get you through those long and cold nights. For example, this giant-sized blanket that you too can make in just 4 hours! “But wait, I don’t know anything about knitting,” you say? No worries, one blogger created an awesome tutorial to get you started. [Continue reading below…]

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Normally, you need really large knitting needles for a project like this, but Laura Birek discovered a way how to use PVC tubes and get the same result. Her DIY blanket is a money-saver too! All you need are these simple items:

1. rolls of chunky yarn (you can get it on Amazon);
2. two long 1 ½ inch PVC tubes;
3. duct tape.

This extreme knitting DIY tutorial will get you through those long and cold nights

Image credits: olivianicolesilk

Step 1. Use duct tape to sharpen the ends of PVC tubes

Image credits: Nocturnal Knits

Step 2. Use your new ‘knitting needles’ like you would the regular ones (knit one, purl two). About 24 loops across make a decent-sized blanket

Image credits: Ohhio

Step 3a. “Seal” the edges by using the end of the cord and weaving it in and out of the loops that make up the edge

Image credits: Ohhio

Step 3b. Then, tie a loose knot when you run out of cord

Image credits: Ohhio

The last step will provide your blanket extra durability, because the weave should hold in its place

Image credits: Knitting Noodles

Watch the video tutorial below:

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