Boyfriends of Instagram: Meet the Real Heroes Behind Those Perfect Instagram Photos

We all know those perfect Instagram accounts that post the most stunning photos with breathtaking sceneries and…gorgeous girls. We all envy them for their perfect trips, cocktails, parties and…abs. But have you ever taken a moment to consider the true heroes behind these photos? And by true heroes, we mean, of course, the boyfriends behind the cameras!

They are the ones who have to bend themselves into impossible positions, and more often than not, look ridiculous in their attempts to keep their Instagram divas happy. It’s not easy! Plus, they get no glory! So, let’s fix that: here’s a tribute to the silent heroes taken from an Instagram page called “Boyfriends of Instagram” – you guys rock and deserve your moment in the spotlight, too!

The Beach Just Got Less Relaxing

Yes, the girls are athletic, but so is he!

Poor Guy: He Didn’t Even Get a Chance to Put His Bathing Suit on

Follow Me, but Keep the Camera on, OK?

One of Instagram’s favorite trends: #followme.

Make Sure My Legs Look Slim, OK?

Sure just let me crouch a biiiit more.

How to Make it Seem Like the Model Has no Clue She’s Being Shot

It can’t be too hard to find the perfect angle here, can it?

You ALWAYS Have to Go the Extra Mile for the Perfect Shot

Boyfriend’s fantasy of joining his gf and some of her friends in the Jacuzzi played out slightly different than he hoped for.

Let’s Be Fair: It’s not just the Boyfriends Who are Forced to Take Lewd Shots

This woman is not above asking a child to help make her an Instagram star.

Just a Regular Day at the Beach

OK, we now know why the guys don’t have their swimsuits on: they’re only at the beach to snap shots.

Be Careful with Your Spine, Dude!

This “follow me” post will definitely look great. Can’t say the same about the boyfriend’s back, though!

Grass Stains on a White T-Shirt? Totally Worth It!

This guy is definitely a pro: he already knows that the perfect way to make a photo look dynamic is to shoot it from below.

Pole-Dancing in the Middle of a Busy Street? Gotta Save this for Posterity

Now for the real question that’s been on everyone’s mind: do you think these guys are boyfriends or are they seriously friend-zoned? Would you do this for your (girl)friend?