9-Year-Old Boy Misses His Deceased Dog So Bad, He Does This!

Last week, Hollie Malled Breaux of Lousiane was studying her surveillance footage when she made a surprising discovery. She found an intruder in her home, but this wasn’t your typical garage bandit. Instead, she saw a boy quickly sneaking into their garage to give their pet dog a loving hug, and take take off in a hurry.

Immediately after seeing the adorable encounter, Hollie left the following message on Facebook:

boy hugs dog

Hollie told ABC News that she is familiar with most people in her neighborhood, expect for the children, and thus, she had no idea who the boy was. It was not the first time she seen the boy sneak in the house to give her dog a loving hug, and she wanted to let him know that he’s more than welcome to play with her dog. In fact, her dog loves the attention!

In no time the video went viral and it didn’t take long before the identity of the mysterious dog hugger was revealed, a 9-year-old boy named Josh. His mother responded:

boy hugs dog 2

Guess what? Josh’s own dog passed away last year, and he misses him so much that he slipped into the garage, just to cuddle with the dog. D’awww …

boy hugs dog 3

Fortunately, they do plan on taking a new dog, but until then, Josh can play and cuddle with Hollie’s dog as much as he wants. With her and her husband working all day, it’s great for him to come and find her to play, she said.

boys hugs dog 5

We have just one word to describe this entire touching situation: Amazing!