Mom Turns Her Self-Conscious Son’s Cut Into Harry Potter’s Scar

When 4-year-old Ayden Benesh saw a giant pile of laundry, he did what any kid would have done – he jumped right off it. Unfortunately, the boy didn’t land quite successfully as he hit his head on a bed frame. Ashamed of a cut on his forehead, Ayden didn’t even want to leave the house the next day. Luckily, his mom Brittaney had a perfect solution – she decided to turn her little boy into Harry Potter!

“The next morning, as we are getting ready to leave, [he] is crying about leaving because he doesn’t like the big cut on his forehead,” said the boy’s mom


“I asked if he’d like to be Harry Potter and he said ‘Yeah!'”


So Brittaney took a red marker and drew the famous lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead


The little daredevil was pretty happy about it!


Brittaney even completed his look with a pair of round glasses!


“I just wanted to make him happier”


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