Creepstastic Body Paintings From A 16-Year-Old Artist

Lara With, aka ArmageddonPainted, is only 16 years old and is already setting the body painting world ablaze with the quality of her creeptastic creations.

She paints eerily realistic fantasy creatures with such uncanny attention to detail that it’s nearly disturbing at times. Take a look for yourself…

body paint 2

To see more of her impressive work, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

body paint 3

body paint

bodypaint 001

bodypaint 002

bodypaint 003

bodypaint 004

bodypaint 005

bodypaint 006

bodypaint 007

bodypaint 008

bodypaint 009

bodypaint 010

bodypaint 013

bodypaint 014

bodypaint 015

bodypaint 016

bodypaint 017

bodypaint 018

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