Black Shelter Dogs Are Less Likely To Get Adopted, But This Photographer Is Fighting The Good Fight Against Animal Racism

Just when you were hoping there were no new ways to be racist, it turns out people may be racist against dogs. Black Dog Syndrome is the name shelter workers have given to the tendency of dark-furred pups to be often passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals.

When American photographer, Fred Levy, learned about this, he decided to do something to promote black colored dogs and show the world just how adorable they really are. We’ve also taken the liberty of adding 10 reasons to adopt a black dog and stop animal racism dead in its tracks!

#1. Black dogs are just as loving, loyal and trustworthy as a white, brown or yellow dog!

black dog syndrome 001

#2. Black dogs are easy to spot in the snow

black dog syndrome 002

#3. Black dogs absorb heat, making them perfect for cuddling on a cold winter day

black dog syndrome 003

#4. Black dogs make you appear thinner

black dog syndrome 004

#5. Black dogs excel at night time games like hide & seek

black dog syndrome 005

#6. Black dogs never look dirty

black dog syndrome 006

#7. Black dog hair is invisible when stuck to your good wool black coat

black dog syndrome 007

#8. Black is a combination of every color in the spectrum, so you actually have a dog that is blue, green, red etc.
black dog syndrome 008

#9. Black goes with everything and always coordinated with your outfit
black dog syndrome 009

#10. Black dogs look presentable on any formal occasion

black dog syndrome 010

Black dog syndrome is real! Healthy black animals are overlooked and, sadly, euthanized in kill shelters at much greater proportions than the general homeless animals population based on their fur colors. Keep that in mind the next time you’re looking to adopt a dog.

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