This Beer Gut Maternity Shoot Is Outrageous In The Best Way Possible

The beer belly: it’s every beer drinker’s unavoidable fate. And even if we don’t want to hear it, the proof is all around us. I mean, we all have at least one friend who looks pregnant all the time, regardless of their actual state of fertility or gender, for that matter.

Most beer companies, however, go out of their way to give you the impression that their beer isn’t going to give you a round gut by middle age if you partake regularly. Instead, we see chiseled and perfectly toned models cracking open a cold one after a run in their sleek ads. But German beer company ‘Bergedorfer Bier’ is having none of that! Rather than combat the beer belly stigma, they celebrate the occurrence with this hilarious ‘maternity’ photo shoot.

The hilarious ad series shows shirtless guys gently caressing their “one-pack” as pregnant moms-to-be, while at the bottom of the ads the brilliant and fitting slogan reads “”Brewed with love”.

beer belly ad 001

beer belly ad 002

beer belly ad 003