This Guy Just Spend $50,000 Remodelling His Basement Elder Scrolls Style

Men manipulate the environment. Women manipulate men. This is why, for example, men devote so much of their time to fiddling around with gadgets and playing games, whereas women spend much of their time and money altering the way that they look and ‘chatting about relationships’.

So when a woman moves in, this is what most men will hear: “I love your place. It is so cute. It really just needs a woman’s touch”. Fast forward a month and that man cave, treasure trove of manly wares that was once void of feminine touch, will be transformed in a different place. A place filled with colorful accentuating trinkets and purple rugs, a place where you can no longer find any of your stuff. This is, of course, a sweeping generalization. But from my own observations, it is a pretty good one!

But behold! Utah based artist, Tyler Kirkham, is about to show you what men can accomplish when women are not a concern.

Now THIS is a man cave!

Elder Scrolls House 005
It looks like it’d be super cozy in winter too….

Tyler Kirkham grew up loving art, and has always enjoyed drawing. He really found a love for comics in the early 90s when Image Comics came on the scene. At that moment he knew what he wanted to do with his life. After countless of drawing gigs he landed a job Top Cow Studios, where he could work in “the pit”.

Elder Scrolls House 007

Tyler has worked on titles such as Strykeforce, Tomb Raider, The Darkness, Transformers, Amazing Spiderman, X-Men Phoenix Warsong, and Ultimate Fantastic 4 to name just a few. His work has been featured on many Web sites and in magazines, like FHM, Wizard, Nintendo Power, and Imagine FX among others. He’s also done video game concept work and some novel and book covers. He’s currently working for DC Comics and also developing his own stories and ideas with hopes to get them on the shelves in the near future.

Elder Scrolls House 009

Elder Scrolls House 006

Elder Scrolls House 004
That shower horrifies me. Imagine cleaning it!
Elder Scrolls House 002
These skyrim mods are getting ridiculous..
Secret bookcase door, auto win!
Elder Scrolls House 008
Looks good, but does he also have the loading screen when he goes home?

Only one question remains: When can I move in?!