Student Wrongfully Receives $4,6m From Bank, Spends $3,3m On Handbags Before Getting Arrested

What would you do if one day you found $4.6 million in your bank account? It may sound too good to be true but this is exactly the situation Christine Jiaxin Lee, a 22-year-old chemical engineering student from Malaysia, found herself in. She figured that no one would notice and went on a lavish shopping spree. Not only did she manage to spend $3.3 million in just a year before getting caught, she spent almost a million bucks on luxury bags alone!

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This is Christine Jiaxin Lee, 22, from Malaysia. A few years ago, a bank error put $4.6 Million in her bank account

Instead of reporting it to the authorities, then 19-year-old Lee went on a lavish shopping spree when living in Australia as a chemical engineering student

She managed to spend $3.3 million in just a year!

Lee spent almost a million bucks on handbags alone

She also moved to a sub-penthouse apartment with Sydney Harbour Bridge views in Rhodes in Sydney’s inner west for $3120 per month

Unfortunately for Lee, someone eventually noticed that their $4.6 million are missing

And she was arrested at Sydney Airport trying to leave Australia. Now she has to pay it ALL back

She was charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime

Remarkably, her boyfriend of 18 months was unaware of her crazy spending and only learned about it when she got arrested

When questioned, Lee claimed that she thought that her parents transferred the money

She was granted bail declaring “it’s not proceeds of crime… it’s money we all dream about,” and “she didn’t take it from them… they gave it to her”

The whole mess is treated as a loan now

“I have [told my parents about it] and they are not very happy with me,” said Lee


It’s reported that Lee’s parents are going to cover the whole amount to get her out of debt, but the honeymoon is definitely over