21 Photos That Prove Baby Photography Is Way Harder Than It Looks!

Pinterest is full of astoundingly beautiful and inspirational photos from all over the world. But we are so used to seeing them that we easily forget how much skill, patience and luck goes into capturing that one perfect shot. The truth is that photography is much harder than most laymen think, especially when kids are involved. Getting adults to do the right things during a photo shoot is hard enough, but babies or little kids? That’s a whole different ball game!

So, what happens when overconfident parents try to re-create these adorable Pinterest photos with their poor, defenseless children? Well, things get pretty hilarious. Take a look for yourself!

#1. “Umm, guys? I’m naked.”

baby fails 000

#2. Baby no like squishy

baby photo fail 001

#3. Pure joy…

baby photo fail 002

#4. Cute baby under the blanked. Close, yet so far..

baby photo fail 003

#5. Adorable baby sleeping in toy truck. Nailed it!

baby photo fail 004

#6 Cute Baby Sleeping On Fur. Nailed It

baby photo fail 005

#7. Christmas twins. Nailed it

baby photo fail 006