Sleeping Baby Has No Clue She Becomes A Cosplay Star During Her Naps

A few lucky (oh, so lucky) couples are blessed with babies who seem to do nothing but sleep for the first six months. They are the ones who can still smile in public and enjoy life through optimistic eyes. And then there’s the rest of us who are woken up at night, hour on hour for six months straight, and who know very well what a herculean task it can be to put the little one to sleep. Which is why Laura Izumikawa Choi is one seriously brave mom. See, she dares to dress up her 4-month-old baby in the most adorable cosplay costumes while she sleeps. A risky move for sure, but we think you’ll agree that the results are more than worth the risk.

From Game of Thrones to Pokemon to Star Wars, the Los Angeles-based photographer has a seemingly endless amount of awesome cosplay ideas for her daughter Joey Marris. Joey has become quite the cosplay star since mom started posting the pictures on Instagram, where she has now amassed over 70k followers! Below we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Enjoy!

#1. Slash from Guns N’ Roses

baby cosplay 001

#2. The Little Mermaid

baby cosplay 002

#3. Goku from Dragon Ball Z

baby cosplay 003

#4. Sushi Chef

baby cosplay 004

#5. Han Solo from Star Wars

baby cosplay 005

#6. Garth from Wayne’s World

baby cosplay 006

#7. Finding Dory

baby cosplay 007

#8. Orange tree

baby cosplay 008

#9. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

baby cosplay 009

#10. Sia Furler

baby cosplay 010

#11. Olympic medalist

baby cosplay 011

#12. Eleven from Stranger Things

baby cosplay 012

#13. Apple employee of the month

baby cosplay 013

#14. Nigerian child

baby cosplay 014

#15. Korean Spa

baby cosplay 015