The Average Weight Of Women The World Over, How Do You Compare?

According to a league table of the world’s ‘fattest’ nations from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the average weight of people the world over is 137 pounds (62 kg). This got us thinking: how is all that weight distributed, and how do we compare?

Below we’ll show you how 11 countries measure up. From the US to Germany to Vietnam, these results might surprise you. Have a look!

fattest nations 001

With an average weight of both men and woman of just 43kg, Bangladesh is the lightest country in the world. A majority of Bangladeshi babies have a low weight from birth, meaning they have a high infant mortality weight and are likely to develop a number of health conditions later in life.

fattest nations 002

Known for their slender builds and fresh diets, it’s no surprise that Vietnamese women are on the lighter end of the scale.

fattest nations 003

Did you know that Asia contains 61 percent of the world’s population … but only 13 percent of the world’s weight?

fattest nations 004

Brazil’s population is as diverse as its landscape – but on average their weight is still lower than most Western countries.

fattest nations 005

Joining the 68kg club is Germany. It’s hardly surprising that the land, where sausages are as beloved as the town’s soccer team, wasn’t going to be on the light side of the spectrum.

fattest nations 006

Canadian follows suit, also weighing an average of 68kg.

fattest nations 007

Despite being the third heaviest country in the world overall, the average weight of women in the US is fairly average compared to most Western countries.

fattest nations 008

… As is England.

fattest nations 009

And not far behind is Russia …

fattest nations 010

Despite all their beaches and the rise of health foods, Australia is the sixth heaviest country in the world.

fattest nations 011

Tonga and Micronesia are the two heaviest countries in the world. Spurred on by the fact that their cultures celebrate larger bodies.