20 Athletes Reveal Their Powerful Bodies And Open Up About Their Insecurities

#6. Indianopolis Colts offensive lineman

Anthony Castonzo (with Jack Mewhort and Todd Herremans), football: “In middle school, I used to refuse to play basketball shirtless outside because I was afraid people would see me and I was not happy with my body. Then when I was in high school, I thought, ‘Oh, I’m too skinny, I need to put more muscle on.’ It’s an ongoing process. I don’t think a perfect body is attainable.”

#7. Brittney Griner, professional basketball player

“I’d describe myself as ‘athletically lanky.’ I want to show people that. I’m comfortable in my body and I don’t mind putting it on display. Honestly, I like how unique it is. My big arms, my bigger hands, these long legs — I love being different. If everybody was the same, it’d be a boring-ass world.

“I’m sure people are going to have a lot of critical things to say [about these photos]. ‘Yo, she’s a man!’ But hey, that’s my body and I look the way I look. People are either going to accept me for who I am or they’re not. I don’t know what people think I’m hiding. I’ve heard, ‘Oh, she’s not a female, she’s a male.’ I’ve been told, ‘Oh, she’s tucking stuff.’ They thought I was tucking. I mean, [in the Body Issue] it’s out there. Let me show that I embrace the flatness! I just want people to see somebody that embraces being naked, embraces everything about them being different.”

#8. Khatuna Lorig, archer, Olympic bronze medalist

“Some people think archery is not a real sport. It’s an easy sport just to do recreationally, but it’s very hard to do at a professional level. It takes a whole lot of physical and mental strength. In competition, you will fold on that field, you will get distracted.”

#9. Paige Selenski, striker, U.S. national field hockey team

“I was lucky that I was naturally gifted with an athletic body, but I also put a lot of work into it. I don’t stay home and do abs all day long; it just comes with running and all the things I do to stay in shape. I use my body every day for my job. We constantly put our bodies through pain. I’m not afraid to show that off.”

#10. Jermaine Jones, football

“I’ve got 15 years of bone breaks and cracks in my legs. I’ve got two screws — one in the left foot, one in the right. It’s kind of a mess. But my legs still look in pretty good shape, even after that. That’s what I’ve learned with all my injuries: You can always fight through it.”

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