Fascinating Vintage Photos of Daily Life in Japan in 1908

This fascinating series of vintage photographs, dating back to 1908, invites you to discover the daily life in Japan during the Meiji period.

The beautiful black and white photos were captured by Arnold Genthe, a German photographer internationally recognized for his documentation work. After his death in 1942, approximately 20,000 of his photographs left unclaimed and were acquired by the Library of Congress. You can now see all these photographs on the Arnold Genthe Collection website.

Arnold-Genthe 1

Arnold-Genthe 2

Arnold-Genthe 3

Arnold-Genthe 4

Arnold-Genthe 5

Arnold-Genthe 6

Arnold-Genthe 7

Arnold-Genthe 8

Arnold-Genthe 9

Arnold-Genthe 11

Arnold-Genthe 12

Arnold-Genthe 13

Arnold-Genthe 14

Arnold-Genthe 15

Arnold-Genthe 16

Arnold-Genthe 17

Arnold-Genthe 18

Arnold-Genthe 19


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