14 Things You’ll Hear Every Apple User Say..

Nuhu, that’s not a laptop, it’s a MacBook!

#1″It just works.”

#2 “I never have a virus”

apple fanboy 001

#3 “Nope, only iPhone can do that, sorry…”

"O nee, alleen iPhone heeft dat, sorry..."

#4 “Apple has the best hardware.”

apple fanboy 002

#5 “Yeah, but is it Retina?”

apple fanboy 003

#6 “Apple did that first.”

"Apple kwam daar als eerste mee."

#7 “Flash is rubbish anyway.”

apple fanboy 004

#8 “Just press Apple + C, err.. I mean Command + C. Ohh, you don’t have a MacBook…”

"Ja gewoon, appeltje C. Command + C dan? O, je hebt geen MacBook..."

#9 “It’s not really expensive. It’s just a good investment”

apple fanboy 005

#10 “I do everything in the Cloud”

"Ik zet alles gewoon in de cloud."

#11 “Look, Apple doesn’t need advertisements. Everybody already knows how good it is”

apple fanboy 006

#12 “OMG, you finally got your first iPhone?”

"O, heb je ook eindelijk een iPhone?"

#13 “I LOVE APPLE!!”

apple fanboy 007

#14 – iPhone users among each other – “Was that your iPhone?