No One Wanted To Buy These Kids’ Teddy Bear… Until The Most Unexpected Customer Appeared

Recently, a father gave his two sons a tall task: to earn their first allowances, they had to sell a 2.5-meter-tall teddy bear. Unfortunately, as the two were trying to sell the giant teddy on the streets of Los Angeles, nobody seemed to show much interest in what they were offering… That was until a famous and much-unexpected customer showed up…

We just had to share this simple, but heartwarming story with you.

#1. The boys’ father gave his sons a difficult task: to earn their first wages, they had to sell a 2.5-meter-tall teddy bear.


#2. Unfortunately, no one stopped to show any interest in what the boys had to offer. They felt let down and began to feel bored.


#3. Then, out of nowhere, a car parked alongside them. Out stepped no other than Angelina Jolie with her daughter Shiloh.


#4. Without thinking twice, the actress bought the teddy bear. Although the boys were selling it for $50, Angelina gave the boys $50 each.


#5. Angelina then spent a few minutes talking to the boys and their thrilled parents after they helped her load the enormous teddy bear into her car.


Not only did Angelina help the boys out, she also reminded us that doing good deeds doesn’t have to be difficult.