Over 50 Powerful Photos That Capture Extraordinary Moments In The Wild

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These amazing photos show animals in a way that you’ve never seen them before. Each image serves as a reminder that we share the planet with some truly awe-inspiring creatures.

Baby Weasel Takes A Magical Ride On Woodpecker’s Back.

amazing nature
What at first might seem like a magical woodpecker ride… was actually a battle for survival! After the woodpecker landed, they fought and then the weasel fled hungry.
amazing nature 00001
Photo by: Thomas Hawk

A frog sails through the rain on a homemade sailboat.

amazing nature 001
photo by: Penkdix Palme

Mexican Standoff.

nature moments 2

Double headed vulture.

double headed Vulture
nature moments
amazing nature 00002

amazing nature 002
Photo by: Eko Adiyanto

An owl and a woodpecker attempt to intimidate one another.

amazing nature 00003
Photo by: Penkdix Palme

An elephant guards the body of a fallen friend from scavengers.

amazing nature 003
Photo by: John Chaney

Panda enjoying a stunning view.

Photo by: Tim Flach

A leopard retreats to the trees for a well-earned meal.

amazing nature 00004
Photo by: Simon E

Mother’s care.

mothers care
Humans or animals – mothers stay mothers. You can nearly hear: “But mu-u-u-m!!!” from this baby in Monkeys’ Sanctuary, Bali, Indonesia. Photo by Julia Wimmerlin

A sleeping walrus on a Russian submarine.

walrus on submarine

amazing nature 004
Photo by: Caters

amazing nature 000005

A Whale Shark greets the local fishermen in Papua Indonesia.

whale shark

amazing nature 005

The beautiful multi-colored cuckoo wasp.

amazing nature 00006

The elegant coconut octopus is found in the tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean.

amazing nature 006

An ant drinks from a droplet of water.

amazing nature 00007

Tiger in the tunnel.

tiger in the tunnel
Photo by A. Apana

Two stallions battle for dominance.

amazing nature 007
Photo by: Vedran Vidak
amazing nature 00008
Photo by: Kevin Dietrich
amazing nature 00009
Photo by: Kevin Schafer
amazing nature 000010
Photo by: Paul Keates

amazing nature 000011

The breathtaking African Bush Viper is well known for its beautifully colored scales.

amazing nature 000012

amazing nature 0014
Photo by: Sam Morris
amazing nature 0015
Photo by: Suyud Wahyudin
amazing nature 015
Photo by: Eiko Jones

An arctic fox enjoys the snowfall.

amazing nature 0016

amazing nature 016
Photo by: Hendri Venter
amazing nature 0017
Photo by: Orpelli Massimiliano
amazing nature 017
Photo by: Dirk Kanz
amazing nature 0018
Photo by: Robert Dreeszen

An elegant blue half-moon betta fish.

amazing nature 018

amazing nature 0019

amazing nature 019
Photo by: Tom Samuelson

In an amazing display, fish hitch a ride on the back of a whale shark.

amazing nature 0020
Photo by: Alexander Safonov

A clownfish and eel meet for the first time.

amazing nature 020

amazing nature 0021
Photo by: Steve Winter

The vibrant weedy seadragon carries fertilized eggs.

amazing nature 0022
Photo by: Richard Wylie

The sardine run in South Africa sees billions of fish form into unimaginably large groups as they migrate to warmer waters.

amazing nature 0028
Photo by: afridive.com
amazing nature 0029
Photo by: Kyle McBurnie
amazing nature 0030
Photo by: Joel Sartore
amazing nature 0031
Photo by: Nicolas Reusens
amazing nature 0032
Photo by: Edwin Kats
amazing nature 0033
Photo by: Chris McLennan

amazing nature 0035

Goat kids playing at 14,000 feet

amazing nature 0036
Photo by: Tinman
amazing nature 0038
Photo by: Ariel Schalit

Tiny baby octopii emerge from their strange pods.

amazing nature 0039

amazing nature 0040
Photo by: Nemesiscom
amazing nature 0041
Photo by: Robin Moore

The delicate glasswinged butterfly.

amazing nature 0042