17 Of The Most Amazing Abandoned Places in the World. The Last One Blew Me Away…

Mirny Diamond Mine- Eastern Siberia, Russia
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There is obviously something seriously uncanny about a abandoned amusement park or castle, but there is also something extremely cool about deserted places.

Just imagine spending the night with a group of friends in a big abandoned castle — not having to take anything or anyone into account, and for a brief moment, experience what it’s like to be almost all alone in the world…

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Here you’ll find 17 of the most amazing abandoned places on earth.

#1. Villa Epecuén- Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

creepy abandoned-places-02

#2. Hotel Salto del Tequendama- Columbia

creepy abandoned-places-03

#3. Abandoned flats- Keelung, Taiwan

creepy abandoned-places-04

#4. House of the Bulgarian Communist Party- Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria

creepy abandoned-places-05

#5. Abandoned comune and medieval village of Craco, Italy

creepy abandoned-places-06

#6. Abandoned train depot- Czestochowa, Poland

creepy abandoned-places-07

#7. Spree Park- Berlin, Germany

creepy abandoned-places-08

#8. Gulliver’s Travels Park- Kawaguchi, Japan

creepy abandoned-places-09

#9. Dadipark- Dadizel, Belgium

creepy abandoned-places-10

#10. Holland Island- Chesapeake Bay

creepy abandoned-places-11

#11. City of Pripyat, Ukraine

creepy abandoned-places-12

#12. Hashima Island, Japan

creepy abandoned-places-13

#13. Château Miranda or Château de Noisy- Celles, Belgium

creepy abandoned-places-14

#14. Kasteel van Mesen- Lede, Belgium

creepy abandoned-places-15

#15. Nara Dreamland- Japan

creepy abandoned-places-16

#16. City Hall Subway Station- New York City

creepy abandoned-places-17

#17. Ryugyong Hotel- Pyongyang, North Korea

creepy abandoned-places-18

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