After 15 Years This Man Finally Finished Building The World’s Largest Treehouse!

The word “treehouse” will probably bring back fond childhood memories for many of us. As a kid, the idea of a house floating above the ground is an endless source of wonders – and for some people that feeling of wonder never truly goes away. As is the case with Horace Burgess, a pastor from Tennessee who has taken his childhood fantasies to the next level by building, what is now considered to be, the world’s largest treehouse.

The structure is now 97 foot high and has visitors in awe… and the country angry. You see, Horace never got the official permits for his unusual structure and it’s not up to code. It is also a fire hazard (Wait, Wood? Noooo…). So, unfortunately, it’s not clear how long the treehouse will be around, but enjoy the view for now and be sure to check out the guided tour in the video below. Maybe it brings back memories of your youth, or perhaps even a desire for a new tree house in your future?

It’s Like Something Out Of Halloween


But It’s Purpose Is Purely Holy


Inspired By a Noah-Like Vision Of God, This Pastor Built this Amazing Structure


The 15,000 Square Foot Work of Art Contains Over 250,000 Nails and Lots Of Reclaimed Lumber


There Is Enough Space In There For Eight Standard Houses


The Treehouse Has Been This Man’s Labor Of Love For Over 15 Years


The Inside Is A Maze Of Halls, Stairwells, And Sitting Areas


You Can Even Work On Your Game, If Need Be


It’s All Built Around A Central Chapel


The Owner Wants It To Be A Place Of Reflection And Contemplation


And The Best Part – Admission Is Always FREE!


Watch the video below for a guided tour of this amazing structure!