60-Year-Old Unemployed Man Becomes A Model After Growing A Beard

60-year-old Philippe Dumas found himself in a tough situation when he lost his job in the advertising business as a production coordinator. The company he worked with for 10 years went bankrupt. But Dumas wasn’t about to give up. Having worked in the French film industry before, the man got a bit creative… and started growing a beard! Soon the beard became his signature look. After someone uploaded Dumas’s photos to Imgur and it went viral last year, the Frenchman began to gain quite a following on social media and was soon noticed by multiple modelling agencies. Now Dumas has signed to six different agencies and is enjoying his new exciting path.

“We have to be very careful when getting to an older age not to be overwhelmed by the transformation happening to the body,” Dumas told Style Aria. “It’s necessary not to give up and keep the same activities and life routine as when younger.”