Badly Injured Tortoise Receives First Ever 3D Printed Shell

Freddy the female tortoise was found lifeless alongside the road after a bush fire in Brazil. The poor thing had 85% of her shell melted and her legs were burned. Luckily, a group of tech savvy animals lovers came along. Known as The Animal Avengers, the team of six specialists – four vets, a dental surgeon and a 3D designer – created a custom 3D printed shell for Freddy.

“Freddy was the first tortoise in the world to receive a fully rebuilt hull,” said designer Cicero Moraes


“To design the hull I took a series of pictures from all angles of Freddy as well as photos of a healthy tortoise to compare”


“Then I reconstructed a 3D computer imaging model of the complete shell using the tortoise’s exact measurements”

Dental surgeon Dr Paulo Miamoto used the 3D design to print a four-piece shell


The shell was then surgically attached to Freddy but it still lacked a little color


So the team hand-painted the shell to give it a natural look


“We first came together as friends because of our common love of science and our love for animals,”┬áMoraes explained

“We soon realised we could do some extraordinary work using cutting-edge technology to push back the boundaries of life-saving care for mutilated animals by giving them customised prostheses”

Known as The Animal Avengers, the team of six specialists has also reconstructed artificial beaks for three toucans, a parrot, and a goose


Thanks to them, Freddy got a second chance at life, too!


Watch the video here: