My Brain Does Not Compute With This Artist’s Phenomenal 3D Drawings…

Stefan Pabst is a man who needs little introduction. The artist from Germany is a true master in the art of 3D sketching, and thanks to the trompe l’oeil techniques – which means ‘forcing your brain to have too many tabs open’ – the 35-year-old Pabst is able to amaze his audience – time and time again!

Also, be sure to check out the video below to see how these incredible drawings are brought to live by the master himself.

3d drawings 010

3d drawing 00001

Stefan Pabst

3d drawings 006

3d drawings 002

3d drawings 008

3d drawings 009

3d drawings 007

3d Snake

So how does he do it? Check out this video and see for yourself. INCREDIBLE!

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