Husband Draws Every Day For A Whole Year To Document The Simple Beauty Of Marriage

365-day drawing challenges are nothing new but not many of them are as affectionate as the one of Curtis Wiklund. Michigan-based wedding photographer drew every day for a whole year to document his life with his wife Jordin and it has all the feels!

“She had always loved it when I drew because I used to draw cards for her when we were dating,” Wiklund told The Huffington Post. “With her encouragement, I started drawing something each day and posting it online. Without meaning to, I started incorporating sketches of us — things we were doing or something Jordin did that I thought was funny or cute, like wearing snowboard goggles while chopping onions,” Curtis explained. Wiklund met his wife when they were children – the lovebirds played on the same t-ball team as kids and started dating in high school. “I’m better with communicating through images than words, but I can tell you there is no one I would rather spend every day of my life with,” Curtis said. “I married my best friend.”

Need a nice reminder that even a casual Tuesday evening with your long-term partner can still be romantic? Scroll down and get ready to d’aww!

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#1. We’re Pregnant


#2. She Read To Me, I Played Guitar For A While, And Then I Drew A Picture


#3. Did A Lot Of Laughing Today


#4. Post-Shower, Pre-Hairspray


#5. When My Wife Is Out Of Town, I Forget To Eat Or Sleep


#6. Back-Scratching As A Sedative


#7. Snowboard Goggles And Onions


#8. – What Should I Draw? – Us


#9. Cold Season


#10. My Sleepy Girl


#11. Mmmm, Wearing Layers


#12. You’re Still My Valentine


 #13. Our Trip Home From Ikea


#14. Dumb Fight


#15. Our Tree


#16. I Still Learn Something New About My Wife Every Day


#17. I Love Her So Much


While Wiklund has already completed his challenge, he still posts occasional drawings to his Tumblr. He’s also planning to publish a book of his sketches, so if you like his art, be sure to sign up for a newsletter on his site![/expand]