20 Ridiculously Cute Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

Besides being incredibly cute, these puppies also have jobs! Because of their sensitive noses, dogs usually work for police, firefighters, and military. They also make great medical assistants and therapy dogs.

Inspired by Buzzfeed, we’ve collected this list of the cutest service puppies on their first day at work. No matter how adorable they look though, you should try to stop your urge to approach them – they’re doing a serious job and some of them are trained to attack.

#1. Tuco loving his first vest!

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog,bostonpolice

#2. “Am I supposed to know how to read to do this job?”


#3. Guide dog puppy with his teddy bear


#4.  I bet he will be chewing on a bad guys arm in no time


#5. “One day, I’ll be a big police dog!”


#6. Future seeing eye dog


#7. Future comfort puppy needs some comforting, too

Lutheran Church Charities

#8. And the winner for cutest service dog goes to…


#9. Met this puppy being trained to be a service dog at work today. he had a tough first day


#10. Police K-9 puppy’s first day on the job


#11. “You will be a pawtrol dog, too?”

New Zealand Police

#12. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Today’s route will be mostly furry, with some aroo’ing and 100% chance of woofs”


#13. This is the new puppy at training today. we don’t think the bullet proof vest fits… just yet

Brimfield Police Department

#14. Future guide dog


#15. Service puppy-in-training needed a nap in my gym. we put cones around her so she wouldn’t be disturbed


#16. 7 weeks old West Middlands Police puppy

#17. RAAF puppy named Rhino

Australian Department of Defence

#18. Two service dogs in training. Work is hard!


#19. There’s a new sher-ruff in town


#20. Cheeky Mo’s first day with Greater Manchester Police

Greater Manchester Police