20 Mind Blowing Cat Facts That I Bet You Didn’t Know!

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Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been an animal lover. Unlike humans, animals give you unconditional love. They don’t fire you or leave you in the dirt. I love all animals, but I’ve always had a special love for cats.

Cats are awesome, just look at YouTube! And only cats are hilarious enough to be the biggest celebrities on the web. Cats were already cool, but after this list I’m betting you will appreciate them even more!

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Here are 20 mind-blowing cat facts that I bet you didn’t know!

1. A cat’s nose is pretty much like a finger print

cat facts 002

They all have their own unique pattern

2. Cats can’t see what is directly under their nose

cat facts 003

Now you know why your cat doesn’t react when you hold that tasty kitten snack under its nose. They can’t see it!

3. Cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day…

4. And from the time that they are awake, they spend 5 hours cleaning.

Alas not your home, but themselves.

5. Cats can make up to 100 different sounds

To compare: dogs can only make 10…

6. Cats haven’t always been able to communicate with people

Thousands of years ago they only made sounds which we cannot hear. But luckily now they can!

7. And yes, the more you talk to your cat the more they “respond”

talk to cat
So if anyone gives you that look for talking to your cat, you now have a purrrfect excuse!

8. In theory, cats are able to understand dolphins

As cats can pick up the sound in the ultrasonic range that dolphins emit.

9. Cats can only sweat through the cushions on their paws

10. The brain of a cat is a lot more similar to a human brain than that of a dog’s

11. Cats nuzzle up to you to mark their territory

And also a little because he/she loves you, of course…

12. In a small village in Alaska, Stubbs is the mayor: Stubbs is a cat

stubbs mayor

He was elected in 1995!

13. Cats cannot taste sweets

So celebrating your cat’s birthday with a birthday cake is not a good idea. Besides, most cats are lactose intolerant, so definitely a big no-no!

14. The richest cat in the world is a multi millionaire

When her owner passed away, she left left her entire $13 million fortune to her cat Tomasso.

15. At one time, Tabatha, was believed to have made over $100 million from her cat Grumpy.


And even though the rumors that she made over 100 million have been debunked, it’s still clear that Grumpy made her a wealthy woman. Just a few short days after posting the first pictures of Grumpy, she was able to quit her waitress job to focus full time on her cateer (Wait did I just really say that? Yes I did…)

16. Cats recognize your voice but are to cool do anything with it


17. The average house cat is faster than Usain Bolt

Yes, really!

18. If a cat’s head can fit in something then the rest of their body can as well

19. Cats can jump 5 times their own height!

Even if it doesn’t always show… But at least they always land on their feet.

20. Cats can drink sea water to stay hydrated

Their kidneys are so efficient that they can filter the salt from sea water and turn it into drinkable water.

Wow! Such incredible animals, aren’t they?!

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