15 Kids Who Are So Not Feeling Christmas This Year

Most kids love Christmas (even if it is just for all the sparkling lights and the anticipation of presents). But there are some little people out there who are just not really feeling the spirit of Christmas. Perhaps, they winded up one too many times with practical gifts such as pants, socks or worm medicine for your cat. Or, maybe they are just terrified of Santa Claus. Whatever the reason may be, these kids are doing everything in their power to make sure they’ll end up on Santa‚Äôs naughty list.

#1. The destructive elf.

#2. The biting elf.

#3. The non-willing elf.

#4. The Santa-hating elf.

#5. The passive-aggressive elf.

#6. The inappropriate-knit-wearing elf.

#7. The present-ruining elf.

#8. The dramatic elf.

#9. The reassuring elf.

#10. The unenthusiastic elf.

#11. The evil elf.

#12. The helpful elf.

#13. The terrified elf

#14. The romance-ruining elf

#15. The I-hate-my-present elf