100-Year-Old Life Hacks That Are Still Very Useful To This Day

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In the early 20th century, cigarette manufacturers used to insert stiffening cards into their paper cigarette packs to add strength. Someone saw a great marketing opportunity there, and began printing artwork, trivia, advertisements, famous people, and more.

In the 1910s, Gallaher cigarettes, a UK-founded tobacco company, came up with an idea to print “How-To” series on these cards that would offer clever life hacks for a variety of situations, which range from such everyday tasks as cutting bread, to less likely events like stopping a runaway horse.

There are 100 tips in total and the New York Public Library have made them all available by digitizing them on their website here. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite hacks below. Many of them can still be useful to this day! Have a look for yourself!

#1. How To Extract A Splinter

#2. How To Test Butter

#3. How To Revive Cut Flowers

#4. How To Make A Fire Extinguisher

#5. How To Cut New Bread Into Slices

#6. How To Separate Glass Tumblers

#7. How To Preserve Valuable Vases

#8. A Hint When Boiling Potatoes

#9. How To Prevent Eye-Glasses “Steaming”

#10. How To Treat Sprains

#11. How To Judge The Weather

#12. How To Draw A Duck Without Pencil Leaving The Paper

#13. How To Clean Oil Painting

#14. How To Fit In A Large Candle

#15. How To Stop A Runaway Horse

#16. Three Useful Knots

#17. How To Pack Choice Flowers

#18. Lightning A Cigarette With A Piece Of Ice

#19. How To Light A Match In The Wind

#20. How To Carry A Heavy Jug

#20. How To Make Water Fountain For Chicks

#21. How To Pick Up Broken Glass

22. How To Detect Dampness In Beds

#23. How To Judge Freshness Of A Lobster

#24. How To Take Ink Stains Of A Handkerchief

#25. How To Keep A Paint Brush Clean

#26. How To Clean Bottles

#27. How To Increase Lung Power

#28. How To Draw An Ellipse With String